Wild Game Processing

Johnny Gs Meat Market
11600 Manchaca Rd H
Austin Texas
512 280 6514

Processing Prices:

Local Deer
$90 and up
$30 skinning

South Texas Deer
$100 and up
$40 skinning

Mule Deer
$100 and up
$40 skinning

Skin for Shoulder
Mount $50 and up

Whole hogs skin off only
$60 and up
We do not skin hogs

Hog pieces
$1.30 lb

Bone in Deer Meat
$1.30 lb

Boneless Deer Meat
$1.20 lb

Elk/Other Large Exotics
$1.60 lb bone in
$1.40 lb boneless

Back strap, tenders, ham steaks, ribs,
roast and hamburger

Elk/Exotic same as above

Jerky is made from back straps or hams only

Hogs – Must be no head and skinned
Back strap, tenders, ham steaks, roast, hamburger and chili.

No jerky or dried sausage

Fresh Sausage $3.99 lb min 20 lbs
Pan Sausage $ $3.99 min 20 lbs
Smoke Sausage see below

All prices include 40-50% pork added

Add.50 for more for beef trimmings per lb

Regular Smoked: $4.50 lb
Jal Cheese Smoked $5.00 lb
Jal Smoked $4.50 lb
Spicy Smoked $4.50 lb
All 25 lb min.

Regular $3.99 lb
Pan $3.99 lb
Hot Italian $3.99 lb
Sweet Italian $3,99 lb
BBQ $3.99 lb
Bratwurst $3.99 lb
Andoulle $3.99 lb
Kielbasa $3.99 lb
Kielbasa Jal Cheese $ 4.50 lb
Spicy Pan $3.99 lb
Chorizo $3.99 lb
Hot links $3.99 lb

All 20 lb min

Pork or beef trimmings
pork $2.30 lb
beef $3.09 lb

Cutlets Tenderized $15

Stew $3 lb

Chop steaks $5 lb

Back wrapped Chop steaks $6 lb

Deer jerky $7 lb

Dry Sausage $ 6 lb

Bacon Burgers $6 lbs

Bacon wrapped Burgers $6 lb

Bacon wrapped back strap $25

Deer Patties $5 lb

Johnny G’s Smoked Seasoning $9 lb

Pan Sausage $7.99 seasoning

Hog casings $36

Late fee:

$25 will be added to orders not picked after 5 days of notification

Min order is $40

We accept credit cards.

Basic process fee deposits are required on all animals.

Prices subject to change without notice.

Brisket $3.50 lb

We have the right to right to refuse service.

Austin Meat Market, Wholesale Wild Game Processing Butcher