Wild Bubbas – The Ultimate Wild Game Sausage

Wymon Gillian, the former owner of Wild Bubbas Wild Game Grill in Elroy Texas and Johnny G’s have joined forces to make a wild game sausage. After months of research we decided to come up with something different, not like anything in any grocery store. Thus WILD BUBBA’S THE ULTIMATE WILD GAME SAUSAGE was created.

The Ultimate Wild Game Sausage has Elk – Antelope – Bison – Venison – Wild Boar – Pork and secret Johnny G’s seasoning.

A lot of the wild game sausages out there came already smoked, our thoughts were you can decide how to cook it: Grill – Bake – Fry – Smoke – Chop it up with eggs – however you want. We believe you will be able to taste the difference.

For now this sausage is only available at Johnny G’s Meat Market and Wild Bubba’s Restauarnt in Elroy. We hope in the future to have it at restaurants and grocery stores. If you would like more wholesale information, please call Jill at 512-280-6514 or contact Wyman at Wildbubbas@yahoo.com

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