Johnny G’s Meat Market/ Butcher Block

Johnny G’s Butcher Block has been an Austin tradition since 1980. Our Texas born and raised family has owned it since 2000.

Our meat market offers a retail counter, wholesale (restaurant/catering) business and wild game processing services. Because of this we try our best to meet each of these needs.

We are limited to what we can store for individuals and what we can fit in our smokehouse. Because we are a wholesale and retail haccp plant we need to follow certain procedures that others may not be required to. We have an inspector here Monday through Friday. In regard to wildgame, we have a minimum order because we do not mix your animal with others. We are required to have tags when bone in. Game wardens come in and check.

We offer briskets, rib-eyes, t-bones, fajitas, hamburgers for the grill, tri-tip, flat iron, fresh (never frozen) natural whole chickens (fresh each Friday and kept on ice), local eggs, whole pigs (security deposit required) or cabrito/(young goat).  Our butchers cut the counter each day and to your liking.

Our grocery store can help you complete the meal. Come on in and check out our Hot Sauces, Salsas and Rubs made in Texas.

We make 13 types of sausage – beef and pork smoked sausage, beef smoked sausage, jalapeno beef and pork smoked sausage, smoked andouillie,  pan sausage, maple pan sausage, beef and pork dried sausage, beef and pork jalapeno dried sausage, sweet Italian, hot Italian, andouillie, bratwurst , polish and hot links (like elgin).

We make one type of beef jerky, mesquite peppered smoked.

Now carrying oxtail,quail, frog legs, ground venison, beef tongue, certified black angus patties, pork stew meat, chicken livers and gizzards, beef heart/cheeks, sweet bread and Ham Shanks.



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Austin Meat Market, Wholesale Wild Game Processing Butcher